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November 30 2015



Ancient medicine and practices sometimes have the power to cure the illness that modern medicine is unable to. Alternative practices like reflexology and other massage techniques have been proven to cure a number of ailments that commonly trouble us. A lot of people have knowledge about reflexology is learned by people in the west through books and videos. Mikael Prone is a Social Entrepreneur and Philanthropist who has learnt these ancient arts directly from the masters during his trips to India and China. He has first-hand knowledge which he gained by actually seeing and practicing with teachers in the land from which the art originated.

Mikael Prone has thoroughly understood the philosophy behind reflexology. It states that the foot or hand of a person represents the map of the whole body. Applying pressure to certain parts of the foot and hand can cause relief from the pain and problems in another part. However, it is very important to apply the correct amount of pressure at the right spot in order to avoid further pain or injury. Mikael Jim Prone has studied the techniques extensively to be able to perform and propagate the benefits of reflexology.

Reflexology has been known to relieve people from problems like diabetes, asthma, anxiety disorders, sinuses and even in cancer treatment. It also improves the general health and disposition of a person. When dealing with such problematic health issues, it is very important that you take the assistance of someone like Mikael Prone who really knows what he is doing. His experience and training enable him to provide quick and effective solutions with minimum chances of complications.

Mikael Prone
carefully analyses the patients reactions when he applies pressure to particular points in the foot. He combines these reactions along with the symptoms to deduce the cause and treatment of the illness. The blockage of Qi or a life force within the body can cause problems that manifest as illnesses. By applying pressure, he restores the original flow and metabolism of the body.

Mikael Prone believes that the physical and mental facilities of the body are inter-related. He thinks that these massage-like techniques can relax the mind and free them from worries. This in turns results in total relaxation of the body so that the physical problems disappear. Human touch and contact have a therapeutic effect on the patient. He can transfer positive vibes and feelings from the therapist to the patient through massage and erase all tension.

Besides reflexology, Mikael Prone also possesses knowledge of similar methods like Shiatsu,  and osteopathy. Osteopathy uses some physical methods to treat the bones and muscles. Shiatsu is a type of massage in which easy pressure is applied to soothe the body and mind. All these methods have their base in Chinese medicine and have been known to heal people for centuries. Mikael Prone wants to revive these methods to heal more and more people.

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